Top 7 Possible NFL Upsets This Week That You Should Bet On

It’s that time of year again- break out a cold one and some chips, because football is back!  Everyone has their favorite teams, and cling to the belief that THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR.  No one wants to be honest about the odds, and so we just go along with the flow of the season, doing our best to enjoy ourselves as little by little, each team gets knocked out from the running.  If you’re one to drop a few coins in a wager, here are seven possible upsets that could be coming at the start of this season…

No.7: Oakland at Indiana


With Indiana looking to take it by ten, Oakland fans are in for a depressing Sunday afternoon.

No.6: New York at Dallas


This one could be a close one, but we’re looking at Dallas pulling out a victory by a tight margin of three points.

No.5: San Diego at Houston


San Diego and Houston are going to go at it, no doubt, but in the end anylists are predicting Houston coming out on top by three points.

No.4: Minnesota at Detroit


This one is going to controversial.  Minnesota are in for a crushing defeat, as Detroit is looking to win the game with four or five points to spare.

No.3: Greenbay at San Francisco


Two giants coming together to battle.  One thing’s for sure- it’s not going to be pretty. SF is looking to take this one by five points at most.  This one could be the biggest upset of the season.

No.2: Philadelphia at Washington

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

While Philadelphia will no doubt put up a good fight, Washington is looking to clean the floor with them, ending the game ahead by four or five points.

No.1: Jacksonville at Kansas


This is the one that’s going to be trouble.  Kansas is looking to make a mark this year, and that means Jacksonville is going to have their hands full.  Expect Kansas to pull it out by three or four points.