NHL Hockey Betting: Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens

NHL Hockey Betting:  Tampa Bay Lightning at Montreal Canadiens

Can the Habs rise from the dead and get back in this series? They did manage to get the series back to the Bell Centre in Montreal with a spirited effort in Game Four where they blitzed the Lightning 6-2 to stay alive and cut the deficit to 3-1. The 6 goals scored equaled the number of goals scored by the Canadiens since Game Six of the Ottawa Series, a span of five games. A team is going to win a lot of games averaging 1.2 goals per even if they *do* have the best goalie in hockey between the pipes.

So the big question now–is a mediocre at best Tampa Bay defense starting to ‘revert to form’? Are the Canadiens finally realizing that they’re playing a ‘mediocre at best’ Tampa Bay defense? Is Montreal’s offense finally making an appearance? The win over Tampa in Game Four was a team effort with six different Canadiens scoring goals. That’s a very hopeful sign for a team that has over relied on Max Pacioretty throughout the playoffs and most of the regular season. With the exception of a 6-2 blowout win in Game Two the Bolts have been winning playing ‘Canadiens hockey’.

Montreal definitely *can* come back in the series but it’s difficult to assess the mindset of the respective teams at this point. If the offense keeps producing the Canadiens are in great shape. Even if it doesn’t, the Habs can still win if they show more intensity playing their type of low scoring defensive battle. It’s a tough assignment to win three straight against a good team even with two of the three on home ice. For now, however, they can focus on Game Five. A win here solves several problems for the Habs. It keeps them in the series, of course, but it also allows them to ‘save face’ with the local fans. Getting swept 4-0 is shameful, losing 4-1 is still a one sided series but 4-2 assuming a loss on the Bolts’ tough home ice is at least palatable.

Montreal wins Game Five and lives to fight another day and gets the series back to Tampa for Game Six.